Tips for Better Video

Three Point basic lighting – basic interview lighting

Documentary filmmaking is always a challenge. Filmmakers who enter this arena need a patience and tenacity and solo work ethic that few other careers require. Settlement Video and Day in the Life filmmaking; however, is even more demanding. This speciality profession demands a filmmaker who not only understands the decipline necessary for credible documentary film work, but also one who appreciates the strict legal parameters of your jurisdiction. Your deadlines are demanding, the due dates are immovable and the stakes are high for your firm and for the rest of your client’s life.

The emotional rewards for us, however are always worth the effort. The effect of these films are real and satisfyingly tangible. The results are directly measured and the subjects of the films are changed forever.

What to wear in an interview or deposition

This is why we have committed ourselves exclusively to this work. We are proud supporters of the legal community (we even helped a bit with Hot Coffee: the movie) We realize that every case might not have the budget for a day in the life film or settlement brochure. We also realize that we will not be able to do every case. As a support to our legal community however, we have put up some video to help educate you the attorney about some basic expectations you should have for your day in the life or settlement video shooter. Understanding these mechanics alone may not enable you to shoot your day in the life or settlement video yourself; however, these videos may provide useful when you are choosing a professional to film your case. We also consult for free. We are service-minded and are always here to help. To discuss your case feel free to email us or drop us a line.

The Importance of Good Audio