Filmmaking skills are unique. The training for Filmmaking is unique.

Big mistakes are always a requirement for a filmmaking education, these mistakes have no place in your day in the life or settlement video. Without true experience, any early film from a non-filmmaker will suffer some mistakes.

It is unusual for any large personal injury case to go to mediation without a Day in the Life (or life now) video. Even though these videos are shorter than a Plaintiff Documentary, they can be very powerful tools if filmed correctly. We at LifeNow recommend at least one interview to help narrate and personalize the footage.

If your case should go to trial, we can remove the narration at no additional charge.

Quality Plaintiff Documentaries

We are a team of professional filmmakers with over 20 years of award-winning experience in film and interview techniques. We have become a National Leader in Settlement Video and Day in the Life presentations. Our experienced approach is respected by leading firms around the country.

Why choose a Filmmaker?

In mediation, your audience will be inherently skeptical to every word you present. The narrative skills needed in filming and producing the long-form documentary are distinctive and require extensive training. You need a video that can honestly present your case in the best light possible. From establishing truthful evidence to facilitating an authentic emotional moment, LifeNow Video provides the polished, professional footage that will maximize the potential to settle your client’s case.