Filmmaking skills are unique. The training for Filmmaking is unique.

Right now your opponent has their own idea of your case. The images in their brain are always vastly different from the ones shared by you and your plaintiff. Our videos solve that discrepancy. When we make a video you have a tangible version of your case that fairly represents the reason we are all here. Otherwise you are left to best describe things that are often beyond discription. Your video will become the most effective part of your mediation strategy. It is unusual for any large personal injury case to go to mediation without video. There simply is no substitute for effective images, professionally assembled.

With so much investment in your case, video is too important to trust to any one other than a trained expert. With over 400 winning cases LifeNow has established itself as a leading producer of professional and effective videos. Request a sample to see the difference Filmmakers make.

Quality Plaintiff Documentaries

We are a team of professional filmmakers with over 20 years of award-winning experience in film and interview techniques.  Filmmakers on our staff use filmmaking techniques and understand story and narrative. The skills are very different than Journalism. The product is more “filmish” and less “newsy” . We think this difference gives your case the respect it deserves. We work with you for clarity and narrative arc, with special attention to active emotions and economy of story. Our products are unique in this space and we have a very high success rate.

Why choose a Filmmaker?

In mediation, your audience will be inherently skeptical to every word you present. The narrative skills needed in filming and producing the long-form documentary are distinctive and require extensive training. You need a video that can honestly present your case in the best light possible. From establishing truthful evidence to facilitating an authentic emotional moment, LifeNow Video provides the polished, professional footage that will maximize the potential to settle your client’s case.