Our Philosophy

The impact of our videos? Record Settlements in DC, MD, NJ and UT.

Specializing in Day in the Life, Settlement Video, Settlement Documentaries, Mediation Video, and Settlement Brochures


Why choose a Filmmaker?

Whether your case is going to trial, mediation or in the settlement phase, video is a highly effective litigation tool—which is why you need a professional legal videographer!

The narrative skills needed in filming and producing a day in the life video, mediation video or settlement brochure are distinctive and require extensive training. You need a video that can honestly present your case in the best light possible. From establishing truthful evidence to facilitating an authentic emotional moment, LifeNow Video provides the polished, professional footage that will maximize the potential to settle your client’s case.

Our Videos: Compelling, Objective and Invaluable.

We aren’t making videos for YouTube or TV. We aren’t making shocking news reports with swirling logos. We’re making clean documentaries to support the credibility of your Plaintiff. This is why we call our day in the life or settlement videos “Plaintiff Documentaries”. We must not depend on overly manipulative tools like music and trendy filters or sound effects. We should not even have a need to inject our point of view into your the day in the life or settlement film. The case is the exclusive property of you and your clients. We work on the case only to serve the story, the family, and your legal argument.

We’ve even seen certified CLE’s endorsing non-professionals and non-professional tools to help attorneys assemble their own day in the life or settlement videos. We couldn’t disagree more. Filmmaking is still a major in college. Your client’s shot at settlement should be in the hands of trained professionals. Expertise in Medicine or Law should not be considered a substitute for film school when building a credible film for your mediation. You need a Filmmaker.